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Stop Being a Dick!

Top 10 Things That Make Cashiers Want to Kill You:

1) Saying “Oh it must be free.” when an item doesn’t scan on the first try or the cashier has to type in the UPC. (No matter how clever you think you are…you AND five billion other people have thought of the same damned thing)

2) Getting pissed at the cashier when your card is declined for ANY random reason. (it’s not our fault…we would love for your card to go through without any problems…but it didn’t….now YOU have to find out why)

3) Asking “Did that ring up at -insert price here-?” for any and or all items that are rung up on your bill. Look at the fucking screen in front of you and it will tell you what prices rang up!

4) Getting pissy with the cashier because the store doesn’t offer Veterans or senior discounts. (We don’t have any say about this. It’s a company based decision. If you don’t like it. Shop at the places that charge higher prices, then offer you a 10% discount)

5) Trying to use a coupon inappropriately, then getting angry because you’re not allowed to use it in that fashion. (There’s fine print on ever coupon for a reason……READ IT)

6) Complaining about products “Made In China”. (I’m sorry that companies can get super cheap labor and parts in China….If you want to pay 50% more…you can have the product that was made in the USA…THE CASHIER DOESN’T FUCKING CARE!)

7) Picking up items from your cart. Holding them up for the cashier to scan, moving them ALL OVER THE PLACE in an attempt to bring the UPC code into view. (You THINK you’re helping us…but you aren’t. We know where the UPC is on 99.9% of the items you bring up…and when you move it everywhere, you’re only making it more difficult)

8) Talking on your phone (hands free or not) while you’re at the register. (one word…..RUDE)

9) Grabbing a snack food or drink and breaking it open to eat or drink before you’ve paid for it. It’s uncouth…piggish…and (unless you’re paying with small bills) you have no idea if your method of payment is going to go through. STOP IT, YOU PIG!

10) Asking for sales prices that have already expired. (There are dates on sales for a reason. We want you to come in DURING the sale and buy those items. If we wanted you to buy them at that price all the time…gee….we’d probably make the sale price the regular price wouldn’t we?)



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